• Fundamentals: Coordinate Frames
    The world of robotics has a dizzying number of subjects; it’s quite overwhelming at first glance to figure out which topics someone “really needs to get” and which topics require a more cursory understanding. Accordingly, this will be the first in a number of posts (“number” being linearly proportional to my motivation) that I will be doing on some of […]
  • Introduction to the Kalman Filter, part II
    As discussed in Part I, the Kalman filter is an optimal, prediction/correction estimation technique which minimizes estimated error and can be used a wide array of problems.  While Part I focused on a one-dimensional problem space to more easily convey the underlying concepts of the Kalman filter, Part II will now expand the discussion to bring the technique to higher dimensions […]
  • Introduction to the Kalman Filter, part I
    Dealing with the real world is rough. (With an opening like that, you can probably guess how my junior high days went.) To be clear here, we’re talking about robots having to deal with the real world (not me, luckily). It’s hard enough for our little silicon brethren to have limited sensory capabilities, but on top of that, the data […]
  • Remote Control iRobot Create 2 with PS4 Controller via ROS 2
    Seriously though, who doesn’t want to be able to control an iRobot Create 2 robot with a PS4 controller? ‘nough said…let’s dive right in! Objectives While the title is a bit of a spoiler, our objective in a nutshell is as follows:User may navigate an iRobot Create 2 in both linear and angular motions using a PS4 controller. To make […]
  • Messaging for Maintainable, Asynchronous Development
    Preface (you know it’s good if it has a preface) In Architectural Paradigms of Robotic Control, a number of architectures were reviewed including deliberative, reactive, and hybrid architectures.  Each of these exhibit a clean separation of concerns with layering and encapsulation of defined behaviors.  When implemented, the various capabilities, such as planners and mobility controllers, are encapsulated into discrete components […]